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RoundGlass Obino Health Coach
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RoundGlass Obino is a top-rated Indian Health Coaching App that focuses on Weight Loss and Body Building with an all-natural approach. We don’t believe in supplements, medicines, drugs, pills or gadgets.
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FitImage is a body fat calculator that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The app estimates your body fat percentage when you upload your image. You can get your body fat measurement quickly anytime and anywhere!
Yard Sale Treasure Map
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Yard Sale Treasure Map is an app for accessing craigslist garage sales on mobile devices. View your local yard sales in map or list format, view sale details and photos, get directions, and take advantage of advanced organizational and route planning features.
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The seeDoc App allows you to access India’s leading Family Doctors. This service makes access to high quality medical care easy and convenient from the comfort of your bed. We have a team of highly qualified medical doctors who will assist you with all your needs.
Explore Universe
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It includes living things, planets, stars, galaxies, dust clouds, light, and even time. Before the birth of the Universe, time, space and matter did not exist. The Universe contains billions of galaxies, each containing millions or billions of stars.
Ear interactive
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A human ear consists of an external ear, also called pinna, an auditory canal, eardrum, three small bones, incus, malleus, stapes, a vestibular apparatus (vestibule and cochlea), and auditory nerves.
DC Motor
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DC motors were the first type widely used, since they could be powered from existing direct-current lighting power distribution systems.
AR Subjects
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See diffferent subjects 3D Model in Augemnted reality Mobile App.
YouTubePlayer VR
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Youtube Video Player is a 360° video & photo player for VR: watch 360° videos locally and Online from Youtube.
Off Line License Player
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This software can only work on one system at a time with one license key , if any one tries to copy the software on another System , then the software will prompt for license key.
Offroad Extreme Parking 3d
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Offroad Extreme Parking 3d is 3d parking game. In which difficulity increases with level progress. It’s widely popular game which has more than one millions of downloads.
Traffic Police
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Traffic Police is traffic racing game in which you have to complete the level without getting hit by other car or obstacles.
Military Car Off Road 3d
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Military car off road is side racing game in which player car enjoyed the forward and backward flip as well. This is nine level games.
Xtreme Bike 3d
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Xtreme Bike 3d is another bike racing game just like a Trial Frontier. This is nine level game and each level is in different environment.
Super Dash Run
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Super Dash Run is a top free endless running game. Super Dash Run brings a 3D excitement to the endless runners category.
Fashion Studio
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This is a 2D mobile game developed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. In this game one can take screenshots of own dream dresses and share it on facebook or save it on phone gallery.
Fashion Studio 2
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With Over 1,00,00 Downloads , This is a 2D mobile game developed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. In this game one can take screenshots of own dream dresses and share it on facebook or save it on phone gallery.
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Flakes is an 2D arcade style game where you have to find series of matching snowflakes, and touch them quickly in sequence to score maximum points. As you progress the waves of snowflakes get difficult.
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Ripple Drop is simple. Touch the center of the Ripple before it reaches all 4 edges of the screen! See how your fast fingers add up against your friends on the Ripple Drop leaderboard!
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It is the Infinite 2D Running Game in Space Atmosphere. Planets re- volves around , asteroid tends to destroy ship. Twitter , Ads and InApp Purchase has also been implemented.
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This application is infinite 2D Running Game, It has 2 Languages Options, English and Chinese. Also Facebook Leaderboard , IN-Apps, Twitter Sharing, Ads Integration , Google Play Services.